As a writer, organizer, and arts programmer, I’m interested in decentralizing creative practices and reinforcing the networks that allow them to thrive. My work focuses on interdependent culture, experimental art, protective spaces, Do-It-Together communities, and their relationships to the mainstream.

Among other publications, my writing has appeared in Exclaim!, NOW, Musicworks, A.Side, Chart Attack, and VICE, and in 2020, I co-founded the Canadian music writers cooperative called New Feeling with a group of peers from across the country.

I’ve also appeared as a correspondent on Daily VICE, am a participating juror for the annual Uproxx music critics poll, and edited Somewhere Else, a 2019 documentary about a pocket of Toronto’s underground music community.

Since 2013, I have also been involved as a co-organizer and curator of Long Winter, Toronto’s “anarchic, circus-like” (Rolling Stone) underground music-and-arts series, through which I have also had the privilege of obtaining Safer Bars and Spaces training from the Dandelion Initiative. For the past few years, we’ve also been engaged in international exchange with the Collectif MU (Paris), resulting in a pair of two-night inter-arts parties and conference summits in venues throughout Paris, France (September 2019) and Toronto (November 2021).

I studied English literature and philosophy at the University of Guelph, where I also spent time reporting on student union activities, faculty research, and local events for the autonomous student newspaper The Ontarion, first as a volunteer, then Arts and Culture Editor, and Editor-in-Chief after that. Growing up in Georgetown, Ontario, I also edited the Halton, ON-based harm reduction magazine The Undercroft and served as an outreach worker with parent organization Peer Outreach Support Services and Education (POSSE) Project.