Kazoo! Fest reviews: The While @Guelph Green Party Office April 5

The While performing from behind a shadow screen at Kazoo! Fest's Green Party Office pop up venue. (Photo by Tom Beedham)

The While performing from behind a shadow screen at Kazoo! Fest’s Green Party Office pop up venue. (Photo by Tom Beedham)

If you said The While hid behind a screen for their opening slot at Kazoo! Fest’s Guelph Green Party office pop up venue, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Camera tricks, mood lighting, video, and a shadow screen were all called upon by the band of visual artists to blur the line between themselves and infinity. The special effects made them look bigger than they physically are in terms of headcount and equipment stock, but whether that was as a defense mechanism or just a proper representation of their essence was a debate given legitimacy as they looped not just their visual presence but their instrumentation as well. Adding their visual presence to a foreboding brand of indie folk that relies on a sound mix of foreboding contralto vocals, xylophones, organ, and drums, it was surrealism for your eyes and your ears.


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About Tom Beedham

Tom Beedham is a Canadian writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work focuses on independent culture, DIY communities, and their relationship to the mainstream, reporting on a spectrum of creatives that has ranged from emerging acts to the definitive voices of cultural movements. In addition to contributing regular features to AUX, Chart Attack, and VICE publications Noisey and THUMP, he has appeared on Daily VICE, and frequently reviews concerts, festivals, and new album releases for Canadian arts and culture monthly Exclaim!. He is also a co-organizer and curator of the seasonal inter-arts series Long Winter, for which he oversees an online blog and print newspaper-style publication, printed for distribution at each instalment of the event. He was also a DIY concert organizer in his hometown Georgetown, Ontario in the mid-2000s.

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