NXNE reviews: Beach Day @Urban Outfitters June 14, 2013

Florida surf-pop group Beach Day played a free NXNE showcase put on by Urban Outfitters's Queen Street West location.

Florida surf-pop group Beach Day played a free NXNE showcase put on by Urban Outfitters’s Queen Street West location.

Providing songs explicitly called out by singer/guitarist Kimmy Drake as making reference to easily relatable subjects including “a boy,” “shoes,” and “going on a trip,” the set provided by Florida-based Beach Day seemed to make the most sense of all the bands featured in the consumer backdrop of yesterday’s NXNE showcase on the second floor of Urban Outfitters’s Queen Street West location. That’s not to suggest Beach Day was insincere consumer bait; fast-paced, bass-driven surf pop just sort of works amid the colourful backdrop of a retail environment pushing a fresh summer line of clothing and accessories, and no less in the middle of the afternoon.

It did make it kind of difficult to imagine that listening to their sun-soaked soundscapes at an 11 p.m. watering hole show (which they’ll do tonight at the Handlebar) would be better, though.

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Tom Beedham is a Canadian writer and photographer whose work focuses on independent culture, experimental art, DIY communities, and their relationship to the mainstream. He has reported on a spectrum of creatives ranging from emerging acts to the definitive voices of cultural movements. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. He has contributed features to Exclaim!, NOW, A.Side (formerly AUX), Chart Attack, and VICE publications Noisey and THUMP, and has appeared as a correspondent on Daily VICE. Tom is also a co-organizer and curator of the inter-arts series Long Winter, for which he has overseen the publication of an online blog and print newspaper-style community publication, and, in collaboration with Lucy Satzewich, implemented harm reduction strategies for safer event spaces. From 2006-2012, he was Editor-in-Chief of Halton, ON -based youth magazine The Undercroft and served as an outreach worker for parent organization Peer Outreach Support Services and Education (POSSE) Project. He was also a DIY concert organizer in his hometown Georgetown, ON in the mid-2000s.

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